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Okay, so I am beginning to realize LESS is MORE. Especially with 2 kids under 2. 

The amount of "things" needed for a baby is INSANE. And I am on a mission to declutter and only keep the MINIMAL and NECESSARY!

As we welcomed our second child earlier this year, I quickly realized there were some staples that I really needed for her play, sleep, feeding, etc and the other stuff was seriously unnecessary. 

So, I put together a list of things you actually need on your registry! So here we go ⬇️

As an infant development connoisseur - I got you when it comes to play with your baby through the first year! 

These are the things you DEF need ⬇️

  • Lovevery subscription box - trust me! Less is more and these toys are all your baby will need to grow and develop through the first year. Each toy box is tailored to your child's developmental level, and the boxes keep it fresh so your baby is never bored! These boxes have SIGNIFICANTLY reduced clutter in our house and I am SO THANKFUL. Shop here!
  • UPSEAT - Not only is this seat great for starting solids, but also around the 4 month mark to support independent sitting. The material is so easy to wipe down and this product is a must in every home! Shop here and save 10% off with code "INFANTINSIGHTS10".
  • A push walker - this seems strange but push walkers can be used to support sitting, crawling, and of course walking! This is a huge bang for your buck and can be used throughout the first year! Shop here!
  • Sassy baby play gym - I love an A-frame because it's SO easy to move around baby to support multiple milestones! Shop here!
  • Baby Einstein Under-the-Sea toy - Because early tummy time gets tough and this toy is magic. You won't regret purchasing this light up toy! 
  • Tum Tum Tummy Time Wedge - Because, again, tummy time gets tough! This wedge can grow with your baby too and be used in sidelying, back play, grasping feet, propping on arms straight for crawling prep, working on independent sitting and more! Shop this wedge here. 
  • Lastly, a Toki mat - I discovered these in the past 6 months and I wish I would have found them sooner. These mats are AMAZING and so easy to pack up and take along with you! These mats are soft, making play more tolerable and comfortable for baby. Shop here and save using this link! 


If you decide to breastfeed through nursing or pumping - these recommendations are for you!

  • Motif double-electric breast pump - I used this with my first born and have loved this pump with my second baby too. So simple to operate and I wrote a whole blog post on why I love this pump here. You can also shop this pump here on Amazon, or check to see if your insurance covers the pump!
  • Motif Aura wearables - I used the first generation Elvie wearable pumps with my first child, but I love that these Motif wearables come with a bottle top that fits on the milk collectors! Talk about convenience. You can shop this pump here!
  • Phillips Avent bottles - I used Dr. Browns bottles with my first, but honestly they have a million parts and I find these Phillips bottles to be the most closely shaped like my actual breast. They also have minimal parts, and like I said earlier - I am finding less is more.  Shop here!
  • Nursing tanks - Because you will LIVE in these in those early days when you are waking up A LOT with your newborn. They are easy for feeding your babe, and perfect for lounging. Shop here. 
  • Haaka milk collector - I loved using this in the early days to catch my let down and start a milk stash! I love this one that comes with the lid because then you can just store in the fridge between feedings. Shop here!
  • Motif pump storage bags - clearly I am a big Motif fan. I just think their products are amazing, including their storage bags. They have an ease pour spout and I find these bags don't leak in your freezer! Shop here!
  • Silverettes - WOW. These things work better than any nipple balm I have used. They are amazing and heal your sore nipples so quickly. A necessity in the early nursing days until you and babe catch your stride. Shop here!
  • Momcozy nursing bra - This is the BEST and most COMFORTABLE nursing bra I have found. And it's usually on sale on Amazon! Flattering, affordable and functional - the whole package. Shop here!
  • Strapless nursing bra - I love this bra because I can be hands free as I pump with my Motif electric pump. This makes using a the pump much easier! Shop here!

Travel is necessary with baby. Whether it's to a regular doctor's appointment - or out of town - travel will be required!

  • Wildbird carrier - the BEST structured carrier on the market. Because when you reach your destination, you're going to want to take your baby out of their car seat and this carrier is perfect to do just that! Shop here!
  • Solly baby wrap - the BEST and most BEAUTIFUL baby wrap on the market. Just like the Wildbird, you can tie this on before your trip and easily place your baby in once you are where you're going. I also have a tutorial here of how to tie your wrap. Shop here and save using this link! 
  • Graco pack and play - I love this pack and play because it's so easy to transport and grows with your baby / child. It's a great price point too! Shop here!
  • Hiccapop pack and play mattress - because no one wants to sleep on a hard surface! Make sure your babe is comfy with this mattress! Shop here!
  • Slumberpod - this is an AMAZING product and instantly turns the pack and play into a black out room! It's amazing and your child will sleep like a baby 😉 Shop here and save using code "INFANTINSIGHTS"
  • Portable sound machine - because calming, soothing sounds shouldn't be limited to one room! Shop here!
  • Uppababy car seat + stroller system - We loved our Uppababy products for one child! We used the bassinet on the stroller until the kids were big enough for the rumble seat! It's great and grows with your baby. Best for one child! Shop here!
  • Travel seat - this seat is great for the beach, or for self-feeding once your baby is over 6 months and eating solids! Fits easily into a bag and super portable! Shop here!

Starting solids is going to come FAST, so be prepared with these things on your registry ⬇️

  • Bella tunno bibs - They are SO cute and have the cutest sayings! Shop here!
  • Bib capes - Because feeding will be fun, but VERY MESSY! I like to use the cape, then the bib on top for double coverage! Shop here!
  • Bella Tunno bowls - these suction bowls are AMAZING. Out of all the suction plates and bowls - these seriously are the best. Shop here!
  • Bella Tunno plates - premium products, but the best and most functional! They are not only cute, but seriously very well made. Shop here!
  • Honey bear cup - because learning to use a straw at first will be hard! Use this cup and also try these tips! 
  • Busy Baby Mat bundle - these products will save you SO much hustle! Use on the go, or at home! And there are so many developmental considerations. Read this blog to learn more and shop these products here!
  • Easy grasp utensils - short utensils with thick handles with a large spoon is going to be best for early utensil usage with your baby! Shop these here!
  • Stokke Trip Trap Highchair - This highchair is GREAT, and I have tried many highchairs. This is a premium price, but is beautiful, super easy to clean, ergonomic for eating posture, and grows with the child! Shop here!
  • Ola cup - This is a great starter straw cup! I am excited to use this one with Bekah when she starts solids! Shop here!

Your baby is going to need to sleep and be cared for, so here are my go-tos!

  • Owlet baby monitor - I like this one and it's very affordable! You can also get a second camera and connect them for your second child! Shop here!
  • Hatch sound machine - because white noise is a must for us! And most likely will be for you too! This sound machine also grows with your child which is a bonus!
  • Halo non-weighted swaddles - swaddling will likely be something you do early with your baby and I am a big fan of a non-weighted, very low maintainence swaddle like this one!
  • Halo bamboo sleep sacks - for when you move your baby to arms out! I recommend a non-weighted, least restrictive to encourage movementt with your baby and prevent "flat head". Plus this one is made with bamboo! 
  • Butt paste - I swear by this stuff! It's been a miracle worker for both of my babies!
  • Frida baby forehead thermometer - you may decide to take rectal temps at first, but as your baby grows - it's good to have one of these on hand! Shop here!
  • Frida baby nasal suction - because colds and runny noses will happen! You may decide to use a bulb syringe to start, but this will be great as your child grows! Shop here!
  • Mylicon drops - your baby's digestion will begin to regulate as they adjust to their new world, but gas drops are good to keep on hand just in case! Pair with infant massage and baby stretches and you will be good to go! Shop here!
  • Vitamin D Drops - your doctor will likely recommend these if your baby is breastfed and we use these by Legendairy milk! 
  • Bumbo changing pad - you are going to want to be sure you can wipe your changing pad down easily and we've used this one with both of our kids and LOVE it! Shop here!

Lastly, is bath time! Because splashes will be prioritized after that umbilical cord falls off!

  • The First Years Bath Tub - I recently found this collapsible bath tub and it has been a GAME CHANGER. It's easy to store and wipe down after using, and I use it before and during bath with Bekah! Shop here!
  • Bath tub kneeler - I just bought this to use with the kids because my knees have been KILLING me! It's pretty and can be easily put away after use, which I am excited about! Shop here!
  • Mushie bath toys - I love Mushie products. I think they are pretty, but functional! These won't harvest mold because they are open and can dry out!
  • Mushie bath boats - so fun for now and as your baby grows! Shop here!
  • Mushie bath mitts - so cute and perfect for bathtime! I love mitts because I know they are specifically designated for bath time and they will always be available! Shop here!
  • Hooded towels - towel snuggles are the best and there is nothing better than a baby in a hooded towel 🥹 Shop here!
  • Tubby Todd bath products - I am loving these products for James' (20 months) dry skin and Bekah's cradle cap. Cradle cap will mostly likely show up in some form or fashion and it's better to be prepared! Shop here!

I hope this helps you as you navigate ALL the consumer products on the market, because there are a lot!

Thanks for reading!

Brooke 😃 

*most of these links are affiliate links. Using these links provides me with a small percentage, with no additional cost to you! Thanks for being here with me!

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