I'm Brooke!

I am passionate about equipping parents to support their baby's needs right at home.

My mission

Provide practical, easy-to-implement strategies for parents to reduce anxiety around their baby's development and head shape

How Infant Insights was born


Becoming a mom was a big change for me. I had experience working with children before becoming a mom, but having a child of my own presented many new challenges.

From the time my son, James, was born, I often felt anxious about his head shape and development. I knew I couldn't be the only parent feeling this way and I wanted to help.

I decided to begin a social media account centered around providing education to parents about their infant's development and head shape - and the rest is history! I feel honored you are here with me!

My beliefs and motivations

Our children are our world. I want to be a sounding board for parents and a resource to calm their stress around their baby's development.

With TONS of information at our finger tips, I take pride in educating the parents I work with on proven, safe strategies that lead to positive change in their baby.

No matter where on the map the families I serve are located, I am passionate about supporting them all. We all deserve to have access to services that would benefit our babies. And I am so thankful I can do exactly that through Infant Insights.

"You helped me tremendously in my motherhood journey. Thank you so much."

Breanna, Head Shape Correction Client

You should know...

  1. I am a HUGE people person. People fascinate me! We are all so different, but also so alike! I can't wait to get to know you!
  2. I LOVE a sunrise and sunset. There is nothing like watching the day begin with a beautiful sunrise listening to the birds chirp. Or ending the day with a beautifully painted sky.
  3. I love a good podcast! I enjoy learning from others and podcasts are a great way to do that! My favorite right now is the Risen Motherhood Podcast, you should check it out!
  4. In my spare time I enjoy a few things - spending time with family, taking a nice afternoon walk, sipping an iced vanilla latte (with oat milk please), or hanging with my girlfriends! 
  5. I'm an Enneagram 2. A helper. There are many positives to being a helper, but also negatives. Like the fact that I want to help everyone, and that's sometimes very hard to do! I am very excited to help you though!

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