Head Shape Correction Course

Let's keep your baby out of a cranial helmet!

You can have the tools to correct your baby's head shape right at home WITHOUT a cranial helmet! 800+ babies used my program in 2023, and your baby could be next! You know your baby best and with some simple, practical tools you can correct their "flat head" without a helmet!

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My goal is to reduce your worry and give you practical tools to keep your baby out of a cranial helmet.

Almost 50% of babies will have "flat head" during infancy. And cranial helmets are NOT the only option to correct this flattening. This course's goal is to provide practical instruction to correct your baby's head shape through repositioning, address the underlying causes of the flattening, and support milestone development overall!

This program will help you understand:


Repositioning strategies to correct flattening on the side and/or back of the head


Stretching your baby's neck and body to address the underlying causes of the flattening


Maintain the head shape once corrected and support future milestones

Maybe this is you...

You really want to fix your baby's head shape but you aren't sure how!

  • As an occupational therapist focused on educating parents, I have the tools to help you round your baby's head shape without a helmet.
  • Through simple instruction, detailed explanations and real demonstrations on my own child - rounding your baby's head through your daily activities couldn't be easier!
  • It's also important to consider why your baby's head has become flat. Do they have some tightness in their neck? Some weakness? The course will help you address these things + more!
  • Tummy time and keeping your baby off their head will not correct the head shape. It's important to understand correction strategies and the  Infant Insights program does just that!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Here's the truth

Correcting your baby's head shape is easy!

Understanding the difference between preventing head shape changes and correcting head shape changes is the first step. Implementing corrective techniques in your baby's daily life is the second. And addressing the underlying causes and supporting milestone development is number 3.


"Brooke and her program were so incredibly wonderful! We are so thankful to Brooke for sharing her knowledge and expertise to help our LO avoid a helmet!"

"Flat Head" Correction Course purchaser

"Flat Head" Correction Course

This course is a comprehensive program to equip you with the tools to round your baby's head shape and address the underlying issues of the flattening right at home. This course is appropriate for brachycephaly (back flattening) and plagiocephaly (side flattening).

Simple explanations

Simple, easy-to-follow explanations that break down all positioning, stretching, and other considerations to correct the flattening.

Simple instructions

Simple, and practical demonstrations to help you understand how to correct your baby's "flat head" easily at home.

Demonstrations on an actual baby

Moving and assisting our babies can be difficult at times! Especially at this age. View actual demonstrations on my own child so you can complete with your baby as well.

Comprehensive PDF

Easy-to-follow PDFs to supplement the video content in the course and maintain the head shape once corrected. It's always nice to have multiple forms of information to reference!

Here's what you'll learn

How to correct your baby's "flat head"

Module 1

Correcting "flat head" through repositioning

A breakdown and explanation of each activity your baby may complete and how to position them with the goal of CORRECTING the head shape. This is crucial information to avoiding a helmet!

Module 2

Stretching your baby's neck 

Practical activities that you can incorporate into your baby's daily activities to address the underlying issues that caused the flattening. Don't worry - I've included demonstrations on my baby so you know how to apply this information!

Module 3

Strengthening the neck and eliminating side preferences

Practical strategies that you can incorporate into your baby's daily activities to address the underlying issues that led to a turn preference or favored position. Don't worry - I've included demonstrations on my baby so you know how to apply this information!

Module 2

Addressing the whole body

Whole body stretches and supporting milestones are HUGE for maintaining the head shape once corrected. This program takes a holistic, conservative approach to "flat head" correction. 

How does this sound?

What you can expect after taking this course...

  • Reduced anxiety and worry about head shape 
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can reference at anytime
  • Understanding of "flat head" correction and prevention 
  • Practical tips that you can begin to implement into your daily routines 
  • Support from me anytime through email!

This mom shared this amazing result:

 "Brooke helped us feel confident and empowered as first time parents learning about flat head spots. This course helped improve it cosmetically so we felt more comfortable and even helped the measurement go from “‘mild” to “normal” to make us feel more at ease."

These parents were so excited about the course:

 "We are so grateful for Brooke’s educational course/material and the amazing support and coaching we received from her as well! We will value this information learned for the future and recommend her to any friends and family in the same situation!!"

Ready to round your baby's head!?

1 payment of


  • 3 hours + of head shape correction content
  • Easy to follow activities to complete at home with your baby
  • Individualized email from me after course purchase with specifics for your baby
  • Demonstrations on an actual infant
  • Written document to supplement the video content 
  • Support anytime through email
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This course is for you if...

  • Your baby has flattening on one side or the back of the head
  • You want to correct your baby's head shape conservatively without a cranial helmet
  • Your baby is not crawling on all fours yet

What a mom had to say about the course:

"Infant insights flat head course was very helpful for me and my son. Brooke is very detailed in her videos and provided feedback when I submitted my pictures of my sons head. Any advice that she provides is to help all mommies out there."

How the course made one mom feel:

"We appreciate you!! Thank you for being so helpful and keeping us out of a helmet! 💗"

Meet your instructor

Hi, I'm Brooke

Becoming a mom was a big change for me. I had tons of experience working with children before becoming a mom, but having a child of my own presented many new challenges.

From the time my son, James, was born, I often felt anxious about his head shape and development. I knew I couldn't be the only parent feeling this way and I wanted to help.

I decided to begin a social media account centered around providing education to parents about their infant's head shape and development - and the rest is history! I feel honored you are here with me!  

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This mom was so thankful

"It was a really good experience. I am glad my baby no longer has flat head!!!"

Feedback about the course tips:

"Within just a week of stretching and positioning, we are seeing improved neck movement and some head rounding!"