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Round your baby's head!

"Flat Head" Correction Course

"Flat Head" affects 1 in 4 babies. I want to help you keep your baby our of a helmet! I have helped 800+ babies and 97% of them have avoided a helmet and I can't wait to help you too!

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Let's get your baby loving tummy time!

Tummy Time & Head Control Course

Tummy time can be a difficult task for your baby, but what if you had the tools to make tummy time more enjoyable for you and your baby?! Through this course, you will learn a variety of tummy time variations so your baby can develop strong head control. You will also learn about the focus tummy time in future milestones as your baby grows.

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Want to help your baby roll independently?

Rolling & Sitting Course

Is your baby having difficulty with rolling?! Rolling is a huge milestone in your infant’s development and require lots of skills. From coordination, to flexibility and motivation to strength - I want to help you encourage your baby to roll ASAP.

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Need tips to encourage your baby to crawl?

Crawling in Infants Course

Did you know crawling has a ton of benefits for our baby's development? Crawling is a huge milestone and so many skills are required for crawling. Encouraging crawling development in your infant, troubleshoot abnormal crawling patterns, and teaching transitions into and out of crawling are just a few things important for independent crawling.

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Let's get your baby walking!

Walking in Infants Course

Walking is the most complex milestone within the first year of your baby’s life! milestone in your infant’s development! So many skills are required for walking and I want to help you encourage these skills in your baby. Learn how to encourage walking in your infant, troubleshoot difficulties, teaching balance and controlled falling, and MORE. 

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Crawling Guide

Snag this crawling guide to understand skills and specific activities that encourage crawling in your baby!