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There are SO many pumps on the market, and as a new mom (or even mom of more than one), it can be so overwhelming to choose which pump is best for you! Breastfeeding, nursing, and pumping are all so special and these activities are filled with so much love and dedication, so choosing the best pump(s) to use is so important. Plus, we definitely want to avoid as many challenges when raising these babies as possible, right!? 🤪

With my first child, James, I used the Motif Luna breast pump and loved it so much! This pump was the perfect option for me when I had to return to work at 7 weeks. I was so sad to leave him and not nurse him throughout the day. But, having a pump that helped me sustain my supply and continue to feed him made the transition a little easier for us. This pump was so easy to use the first time around, that I decided to use this same pump again with my second child. This pump has so many amazing qualities and features, it’s seriously the best! Let’s dive into some of my favorite (and let’s be honest - convenient) aspects of the Motif Luna double-electric battery powered breast pump! This pump seriously is a win, win. 

This pump is super simple to set up and use

The Motif Luna is seriously so easy to set up and use. When I was a first time mom, I figured it out without even looking at the manual! From the moment you take this pump out of the box, you understand how it operates. There are no complicated steps, long instruction manuals, or learning curves to using this pump. You literally unbox to pump and can tell immediately where all the necessary settings and controls are located. Plus, when unboxing and setting the pump up, you will quickly learn that the pump assembles super simply and there are minimal parts. In total, the pump has 12 parts including, the pump, charger, tubing, duck bills, flanges, bottles, and diaphragms.

The pump is not only SO easy to assemble before your pumping session, but it’s also super easy to take apart and clean thoroughly after expressing your milk. When setting the pump up, just ensure the tubing is inserted correctly, place the duck bills on the flanges, place the diaphragms on the end of the flanges and tubing, and then turn the pump. You are ready to pump! Once the pump is set up and placed correctly, you can alternate between massage and expression and adjust the cycles and levels (or suction) as needed! This pump seriously is so straightforward and so user-friendly. Trust me (as a mom who knows), right after giving birth to your baby, and even in the midst of sleep deprivation - you'll be pumping like a pro with this simple, but very effective pump. That’s what every pumping mom needs, right!?

Comfort and Convenience, Anytime + Anywhere

Now, let’s talk about the convenience and comfort of this pump.

Imagine this: You are out and about running errands and it’s time to feed your baby. You have used the Motif Luna to pump either before you left your house, while driving, or while parked in your car. Now, you can place one of the Motif bottle nipples directly on your recently expressed milk and ta-da! Your baby is fed and good to go! How’s that for convenience? And less dishwashing is an added bonus 🤪

I can’t tell you how many times feeding my baby from the Motif bottle after pumping has come in handy. And I can usually express the milk needed for my baby in under 15 minutes using this pump, which is also SO convenient! When pumping using this pump, I make sure to alternate between massage and expression so I can get the most effective volume of milk in less time. This alternating of settings only furthers the convenience of using this pump. More information here on the Motif blog about pumping efficiently! 

And if I don’t want to nurse in public, I can put the bottle nipple on (as explained above) and continue on with my day! Or even have dad feed the baby, which is a sweet moment for him! Say goodbye to having to step away from visiting with friends or family to find a private place to nurse your baby with the Motif Luna breast pump and all its features.

When pumping at home, or on the go, I usually use this pump with a Motif pumping bra, and the flanges fit so easily into the bra. This allows me to pump hands free which is a game changer when you need both hands… which is often with 2 babies under the age of 2 years old. Motif also includes a guide to breast milk storage when purchasing one of their pumps, which is an amazing guide to put on your fridge so you (or your partner) don’t forget! I have attached a photo of this guide below. 

Additionally, the pump itself is lightweight, so I can carry the pump room-to-room while pumping and even get my kids dressed all while expressing milk. And the tubing is long enough, so you aren’t getting tugged around and restricted as you use your pump while completing household chores and tasks. There are no awkward maneuvers or uncomfortable positions when using this pump, just convenience, and productive pumping sessions! 

Insurance even covers this pump! 

Insurance covers the Motif Luna pump, which is AMAZING. My pump, that I have used with both my kids, was covered by insurance which was so nice! My Motif Luna was in great shape after using this pump with my first child, so I opted to use the same pump and replace all the parts. I was able to replace the parts very easily on Amazon, including the duck bills, diaphragms, and tubing for little cost. You can find all these replacement parts here! Although I opted to keep my recently used Motif pump (since my babies were only 18 months apart), most insurance plans will cover a new double electric breast pump for every pregnancy. So, you can breastfeed with the most up-to-date equipment for each baby. Motif has an Insurance Lookup Tool so you can easily find providers that carry their insurance eligible products: I did, in addition to using the Motif Luna, try the Motif Aura wearable pumps this time around. I am LOVING these too. You can browse these here on Amazon! Motif just makes amazing products and I have absolutely no complaints with any of their products I have used, even their maternity leggings! 

Pumping Through the Night? No Problem!

Last but not least, let's talk about the Luna Breast Pump's long-lasting battery and built-in nightlight. Whether you're pumping during the day or in the wee hours of the night, the Luna Breast Pump's reliable battery has got you covered. Seriously, this battery life is insane! I don’t think I have honestly charged my pump in several days and the pump still has full charge! 🤯 The battery life is 2+ hours, so with my two pump sessions per day, lasting around 15 minutes per session, I can go approximately 3 days or more without evening thinking about plugging my pump in to charge. I have tried many breast pumps, and I can attest to the fact that the Motif Luna does have the best battery life!

This pump also has a built in night light which was amazing for me while pumping in the hospital to collect colostrum. We opted to send both of our newborn babies to the nursery at night in the hospital, so my husband and I could get some rest before we took the babies home! With both babies, I would wake up every 2 hours and pump in the hospital using the LED light included on the Motif Luna. This amount of light was just enough to put my pumping bra on, place the flanges correctly, and then transfer the milk to syringes for the nurses to give to my babies while in the nursery overnight. Plus, this dim but useful light, didn’t startle me awake but created a cozy atmosphere for me to pump to feed my babies 🫶  

So, in summary, as you can tell - I am a big fan of the Motif Luna, and really Motif in general. I think all of these aspects and qualities found in the Motif Luna pump is just what every mom needs. Especially during the busy times when bringing a new baby home. When welcoming a new child into the world, challenges are going to come, but finding the right pump for you will make things a little easier along the way! Of course, every mom is different and choosing the proper flange size for your pump is so important. You can sign up for a Lactation Course through Aeroflow when ordering your Motif Pump through insurance here. This added lactation course will help you navigate all of the topics and questions that you may have in preparation for your nursing and pumping journey. 

Ready to join the Luna Breast Pump club? Head on over to Motif Medical and treat yourself to a pump that will make your life, and pumping journey, easier! Trust me, you (and your baby) will thank me later. Happy pumping 🌟


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