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"Finding Brooke has been our saving grace. After realizing our son had a flat head and not having many resources locally, I found her online and she has not only helped with the shape of his head but also the underlying cause. Within a week we saw noticeable changes in his mood, general movement and milestones. We couldnā€™t be happier with our experience. Thank you Brooke!"
"Our family feels so fortunate to have found Brooke. Being new parents is overwhelming already, not to mention all of the obstacles along the way. Monitoring our baby's head shape is something we weren't aware of and isn't taught, so when we noticed how misshaped our baby's head was, we were in a panic! Brooke is so knowledgable and explains everything you need to know"
"Brooke is absolutely amazing! When the doctor mentioned my daughterā€™s head shape at our wellness checkā€¦for the second time in a row, I knew I needed to do something. Brooke was that something! She provided useful tips and tricks all while reassuring this mama along the way. So very, very thankful."
"Brooke has been so helpful and knowledgeable through our journey! Our little one had a left side preference and flattening. I noticed it early and wanting to avoid the helmet route, I found infant insights and reached out! It made a world of difference and our guy is thriving!"