Let's get your baby to tools they need!

Interested in individual support from me, a licensed occupational therapist specializing in infant development and milestone coaching?

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"Brooke is incredibly knowledgeable. I learned more from her in our two consultations than I did with an early intervention service provider in my home for several sessions. I highly recommend scheduling a consult with her. She will give you tools to feel confident that you are helping your baby reach their milestones appropriately."
"Brooke is a God send! Every time I meet with her I learn the right strategies needed to help my daughter conquer her milestones. In just one hour, we learn so much and are able to get strengthen her skillset. I'm beyond grateful for Brooke's services. I feel more at easy going through my motherhood journey knowing I can always reach out and ask Brooke for guidance."
"Brooke was awesome to work with! She gave awesome “insights” and taught me ways to help my baby develop. Her laid back sessions left me feeling confident in my skills and excited for baby’s development."
"Brooke is always so attentive and I can feel that she genuinely wants to help parents and our babies grow. We have our primary PT, OT and ST since we are in a different state but will also consult with Brooke because we truly trust her. Also very thankful that she is very flexible and willing to reschedule in a short notices due to baby being sick or for whatever reason. Very grateful for Brooke!"