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Do you ever find yourself constantly picking up items off the floor that your baby (or toddler) has thrown!?

I know this all too well… bending over to pick up my toddler’s toy, utensil, or cup for the millionth time while we are all just trying to enjoy a nice dinner!

As a mom of 2 now, I am always looking for practical items that can make my life EASIER! With James (our first child), there were some go-to-brands that I LOVED and swore I would use again with our second baby, Bekah. 

Busy Baby is one of those brands! The Busy Baby products were some of our favorites and we used them so much when out and about with our son. We would take our mini mat everywhere - restaurants, friend's houses, the grocery store, stroller rides, etc! And when I found out there was a bundle that included the products we currently owned plus some, I was thrilled! 

If you’re sick of constantly picking up things that your child throws on the ground, then Busy Baby products are your answer! And this is my go-to gift for expecting parents.

Expecting parents may not be thinking about their child sitting in a highchair throwing their toys on the ground before their baby is born... But, sooner than later they will be in that season and will definitely want to be prepared. Prepared so they can enjoy a meal and have a nice conversation without the interruption of toys and other items hitting the floor! 🤪

That's when the Busy Baby products are the perfect gift - they save you so much time and headache in that "throwing everything on the ground" phase that all our babies (and toddlers) go through!

For us, we started using the Busy Baby products when James was around 6 months old. We love to eat out as a family, in fact that’s one of our most treasured activities! We have always taken our kids along with us to eat out and hoped they would adapt. 😅Eating out was something we did not want to have to give up once we had kids, so we had to have practical tools, like the Busy Baby Products,  to continue to do so. 

I remember when James was around 5 months old, we would be out at a restaurant and we could not even enjoy our meal because we were constantly picking up his toys off the ground! Trying to keep him entertained by the toy just to have to pick it up off the ground moments later. Then of course we would have to wipe it down and the process would repeat. Over and over again.

Once I found the Busy Baby mini mat, I never looked back! Every time we would go to a restaurant we would suction the mat to the table and hook 2 of his favorite toys to the bungees. He would be so content and we could actually enjoy our meal together as a family! We also would put his food in the compartments on the mat which made the outing even more convenient because we knew he wouldn't have to pack a bowl / plate for him! Below is an image of James using the mini mat around 6 months of age.


 This product was a game changer for our little family and we loved eating out with James because he was so happy!

With that being said, my usual go-to Busy Baby product for new parents is the Mini Mat. This mat fits so conveniently in your diaper bag and you can use it in so many different ways. 

➡️ Strap this to the stroller on the go and hook your baby's toys on!

➡️ Suction to a window or glass door and let baby play with the toys in sitting or standing. 

➡️ And of course, carry along with you for restaurant use! 

The Busy Baby Mini Mat has so much to offer, and the whole bundle has even more!

The Busy Baby Ultimate bundle includes:

➡️ Full size Busy Baby Mat

➡️ Busy Baby Mini Mat 

➡️ Busy Baby Bib + Utensils 

➡️ Busy Baby Toy Bungee

➡️ Busy Baby Bottle Bungee

➡️ Busy Baby Teether + Spoon

I have tried all of these products and they are amazing. SO many uses to make your life SO MUCH more easier!

Let's break each of these products within the bundle down further ⬇️

➡️ The full size Busy Baby mat is a larger version of the mini mat and a great item to keep at home to use during meal time. We were able to use this with James until he was around 1 year old, but we continue to use other Busy Baby products with him (now 17 months old). More on that below. The full size mat comes with 1 bowl-like compartment with a large mat that can be used during meal time. This full size mat has four places to secure toys, teethers, bottles, and more. 

💡Pro tip: wet the suctions with a baby wipe prior to placement for a stronger suction!

➡️ The mini-mat is a smaller version of this full-size mat with two places to secure toys, teethers, bottles, and more and 2 sections for foods for baby. This mini-mat is perfect to place in your diaper bag and keep in there for using anytime on the go! We only ever took ours out of the diaper bag to clean it! Use the same tip as above ⬆️for a stronger suction.

➡️ The Busy Baby bib + utensils is also included in the bundle and we still use this with James to this day! The bib has two places to secure the tethers and the utensils have special holes on the end that fit perfectly into the tether. Now that James is older, he is learning to use utensils more and we found ourselves ALWAYS having to pick up and rinse his spoon after he threw it on the ground.... this problem is solved now with this bib! Below is an image of James using the bib + utensil set at 18 months old.

➡️ The bundle also includes a toy bungee and a bottle bungee. All of these bungees can be used with the mats and bib which makes these products even more convenient. The toy bungee secures a toy to the surface desired so you are not constantly having to pick them up. The bottle bungee secures cylindrically around the cup so when baby releases the cup, or attempts to throw it, the cup stays secured to the mat. It's genius and SO PRACTICAL (and necessary!). 

💡Another pro tip: strong these bungees to the stroller handle and you never have to worry about dropping the toy or cup on your walk again! Also works perfect with snack containers 🤯

➡️ Lastly, included in the bundle is the teether + starter spoon. This special teether has a small hole that connects to all of the bungees and tethers, which can be used with both of the mats and the bib. This teether is perfect to keep your little one entertained in the highchair while you cook dinner, tidy up, and more. Plus, you can guarantee that this teether won't end up on the floor (or even lost in the house). 


The full bundle is regular price $106.94, but you can usually snag this bundle on sale depending on the time you purchase! 

You can browse all of these products and more here:

Each of these items can also be sold separately (prices ranging from $10-$30) and there are many other product bundles that Busy Baby offers including:

➡️ First Foods Bundle

➡️ Pre-K Bundle 

➡️ And a gift bundle. 

The First Foods Bundle includes the full size mat, the bib + utensils, the teether + training spoon, and 2 pulp feeders! James loved pulp feeders when he was young and they were GREAT to soothe aching gums when he was cutting teeth! 

💡Pro tip: Add some strawberry puree in the feeder, throw in the freezer and give to baby during those long days of aching gum pain from new teeth!

The Pre-K Bundle is something I have had my eye on and includes a toddler mat to keep messes contained, tracing sheets, marker parker, and dry erase markers! This is something I can't wait to buy for James as he gets older. How fun! 

The gift bundle offered by Busy Baby includes all of the necessities in one - a mini mat, full size mat, bottle bungee, toy bungee, and the teether + starter spoon. Another great gift, especially if you don’t want to invest in the whole ultimate bundle!

You can browse all of these products and more here:

Additionally, all of these products are dishwasher and microwave safe. They are also made from silicone, so environmentally friendly! Convenience was definitely at the top of the list when the owners of these products were creating them. 

Stay tuned for more practical items for expecting parents! As a mom of 2, I have definitely learned a thing or two and I am so happy to help you navigate this beautiful season!

Thanks for being here!

Brooke, OTR/L

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