Rolling + Sitting in Infants Course

It's time to get your baby rolling!

You can have the tools to teach your baby to roll right at home! You know your baby best and with some simple, practical tools you can encourage them to roll both ways and sit with a strong core!

I'll show you how...
Let's get started!

My goal is to reduce your worry and give you practical tools to support your baby's rolling & sitting development.

Our babies change so much during the first year and we may wonder when they will reach certain milestones! This course's goal is to provide practical instruction and examples with the goal of giving your baby the tools and strength they need to roll and sit independently.

This program will help you understand:


All of the skills required in rolling + sitting


How to strategically encourage these skills with your baby


Understand how to troubleshoot any rolling difficulties

Maybe this is you...

You really want to help your baby learn to roll but you aren't sure how!

  • As an occupational therapist focused on educating parents, I have the tools to help you teach your baby to roll and sit independently.
  • Through simple instruction, detailed explanations and real demonstrations on my own child - teaching your baby to roll both ways couldn't be easier!
  • It's also important to consider why this course includes rolling + sitting. These milestones require a lot of the same skills, and occur around the same time! The course covers these topics and many others!
  • Teaching your baby to roll is simple, and we want them to have the foundational skills before completing. This course will teach you exactly what those skills are and how to encourage them with your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the truth

Teaching your baby a new skill is easy!

With the understanding of WHAT skills are required in rolling and HOW to encourage them - you can have your little one rolling + sitting independently in no time! Then, it's time to start solids!


"My child had trouble rolling for months and with Brooke's help she is now rolling both ways. We are forever grateful!"

Rolling course purchaser

Rolling + Sitting in Infants Course

This course is a comprehensive program to equip you with the tools to teach your baby how to roll belly to back and back to belly, as well as sit independently! 

Simple explanations

Simple, easy-to-follow explanations that break down all the skills required in crawling

Simple instructions

Simple, and practical demonstrations that break down how to encourage the skills required in crawling

Demonstrations on an actual baby

Moving and assisting our babies can be difficult at times! Especially at this age. View actual demonstrations on my own child so you can complete with your baby as well.

Comprehensive PDF

Easy-to-follow PDF to supplement the video content in the course. It's always nice to have multiple forms of information to reference!

Here's what you'll learn

How to teach your baby to start roll + sit in prep for solids!

Module 1

Skills required for rolling back to belly

A breakdown and explanation of each skill required in rolling back to belly. From grasping feet, to toy placement, and everything in between, understanding the skills needed for this type of roll is crucial.

Module 2

Skills required for rolling belly to back

A breakdown and explanation of each skill required in rolling belly to back. From tummy time tolerance, to toy placement, and everything in between, understanding the skills needed for this type of roll is crucial.

Module 3

Skills required for independent sitting in preparation for starting solids

A breakdown and explanation of each skill required in independent sitting and how to encourage this milestone in prep for starting solids. From core strength, to signs of readiness for solids, and everything in between - you are sure to learn A TON within this course.

Module 4

Troubleshooting these milestones

Difficulties will arise regarding rolling and sitting in your baby! Know how to troubleshoot any difficulties through this course. From swimming on tummy and difficulty rolling belly to back, to constant poor motivation to roll - we will work through these difficulties together to support these milestones in your baby!

How does this sound?

What you can expect after taking this course...

  • Reduced anxiety and worry about when your baby will roll
  • Reduced anxiety and worry about when your baby will sit and be ready for solids
  • Lifetime access to the course so you can reference at anytime
  • Understanding of these milestones as way to support future milestones and explore their environment
  • Practical tips that you can begin to implement into your daily routines 
  • Support from me anytime through email!

This mom shared this amazing result:

"I have been doing all of the activities from the class for 3 days & my son was able to roll from back to sidelying without any help!"

This mom was so excited about the course:


Ready to get your rolling + sitting!?

1 payment of


  • 2 hours + of rolling + sitting content
  • Easy to follow activities to complete at home with your baby
  • Demonstrations on an actual infant
  • Written document to supplement the video content
  • Support anytime through email
Get the course now!

This course is for you if...

  • Your baby is above the age of 3 months
  • Your baby is having difficulty rolling either way, shows a side preference in rolling, or you need support on sitting & starting solids preparation
  • Your baby is approaching 8 months and is showing no signs of rolling &/or sitting

What a mom had to say about the course:

"Can't tell you how many times I refer back to your rolling / sitting videos and PDF before we begin structured play. When I do this, she does so much better performing these milestones!"

This mom also said:

"He is so much stronger in sitting and a much happier baby now!"

Meet your instructor

Hi, I'm Brooke

Becoming a mom was a big change for me. I had tons of experience working with children before becoming a mom, but having a child of my own presented many new challenges.

From the time my son, James, was born, I often felt anxious about his head shape and development. I knew I couldn't be the only parent feeling this way and I wanted to help.

I decided to begin a social media account centered around providing education to parents about their infant's development and head shape - and the rest is history! I feel honored you are here with me!


This mom was so thankful

"SO THANKFUL for YOU and your expertise!!" 

Feedback about the course tips:

"Shortly after implementing Brooke's recommendations, my little girl was grabbing her toes, and beginning to sit independently! Her guidance was so helpful in getting my sweet little girl back on track and making sure we as her parents are supporting her in the best way possible."