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    Here's what we'll cover:


    Types of "Flat Head" and Early Detection

    "Flat head" affects almost 50% of babies. It's important to understand risk factors, early detection, and what to look for to avoid flattening with your baby.


    Strategies to Prevent "Flat Head"

    From stretching to monitoring any head shape changes and more - prevention is key to ensuring your baby's head stay perfectly round!


    Stategies to Correct "Flat Head"

    Helmets aren't the only option to correct "flat head". Learn holistic approaches to correct your baby's head shape right at home. 

    Brooke is so knowledgable and explains everything you need to know and more about why head shape is so important and how many other things it can impact down the road."

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    Meet your instructor

    Hi, I'm Brooke!

    I am a mom of 2 and an occupational therapist specializing in holistic "flat head" correction. After dealing with "flat head" with my first born, I quickly realized there was not enough awareness around this topic in the parenting & healthcare space. I, also, quickly realized this was an issue that affected many babies, and not just my own. After correcting my son's head shape holistically, without a cranial helmet, I decided to devote my career to helping parents like you.

    I am so excited for you to join me in this workshop as we learn so many things about "flat head" that every parent should know! 


    "Brooke is so amazing and kind. Was patient explaining concepts to us. She helped reshape our babys head and I have recommended her to others already."

    "Flat Head" Correction Course Purchaser

    Wednesday, May 15th @ 9am & 4pm EST

    Ready to learn about "flat head" so you can avoid a helmet in your baby's future?

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